Friday, April 14, 2017


A lottery will take place to determine who places where in the next years draft. For this event, there will have to be at least 3 GM's present with the Commish, but it is preferable to have a majority present (if nothing else to have a party together).

Lottery Draft Rules:
The bottom 8 seeded teams of each season will get a certain number of entries (balls) into the lottery based on their season end ranking, with the worst team receiving the fewest number of entries. For example, the team ranked 14th will get 1 entry; the 13th will get 2, 12th - 3, etc. The order of the draft will then be selected in descending order with the first ball picked being the 8th pick in the following years draft. The 2nd ball picked will be the 7th pick on down to the last ball picked being the first selection overall. The object in this situation is to NOT have your ball picked.

For the top 6 teams from last year, they will fill places 9-14 in the draft with the top seeded get 14th and last pick. The 2nd seed with get 2nd last and so on.

Live Draft
The live draft for the selections after the keepers for each season will occur in mid September of each year, normally the 2nd Sunday of September.

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